Imagine a world where nobody dies from Diabetes....

The True NOSH Company Ltd. is a company created by a Registered Dietitian who lost her father to Diabetes. We produce Diabetes-friendly food and beverages with NO ADDED SUGARS!

Our product line targets those who are looking for blood sugar control with disease prevention in mind. We emphasize the need for early preventative means to lower your chances of becoming diagnosed with pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Our products are PLANT-BASED, made with NO GLUTEN and we are proudly PRESERVATIVE-FREE!

We source everything at local vendors and make everything locally at a commercial food processing kitchen.

Our Mission

We want to prevent and help control diseases such as diabetes in the community. We want to be the company to provide variety to the packaged and ready to eat food and beverage industry using only whole fruits and vegetables with no added sugars, syrups or any artificial sweeteners. We can provide our patrons with a guilt-free experience when they eat and drink our products that are meant to keep our friends and family healthy.

We’re here, ’cause you’re….”Too Sweet For Sugar!” ®

— The True NOSH Strong & Free!







    "filling the freezer with all kinds of nosh"


    food · sustenance · nourishment · nutriment · fare · daily bread · [more]


  1. eat food enthusiastically or greedily.

    "there are several restaurants, so you can nosh to your heart's content" · [more]


    eat · munch (on) · ingest · consume · take · partake of · taste · swallow · [more]