Dietitian Assistants

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Nicole Huang

Hello friends! My name is Nicole and I am a second year student in the Food, Nutrition, and Health program at UBC applying to dietetics this year. My passion lies in helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle specific to themselves through the combination of a balanced diet, fun physical activity, and mental health awareness. I enjoy trying out new foods, baking, hiking, watching movies, and meeting new people! I am excited to gain hands-on experience at True NOSH; whether it’s helping with the development of delicious products (the blueberry ginger compote is my fave), assisting Renée in her interactive cooking classes, working with fellow interns and mentors and anything else in between!


VLADa Klymenko

Hello! My name is Vlada, and I am super excited to be a part of True NOSH team!

During my internship, I will be working on keeping you updated on interesting nutrition tips and facts through our social media platforms. My goal is to share with you everything about our amazing ingredients!

Aside from working with True Nosh, I study Food, Nutrition, and Health at UBC and experiment with raw vegan desserts. At my spare time, I feast on home-made apple chips sandwiches with our blueberry compote. It's addictive. You've been warned!


Yolanda Wang

My name is Yolanda Wang. I’m currently studying Food, Nutrition and Health at University of British Columbia. I’m interested in trying out and enriching new vegan and vegetarian recipes, making them more enticing, since plant based diets are not only healthy to individuals but also the planet!  As a member of the true nosh team, I dedicate my time in introducing the wholesome products and healthy diet habits to more and more people. My favorite true nosh product is the TOMATO CORRIANDER BUTTER.  Spreading it on focaccia bread and with some nuts and salad green makes an easy and refreshing breakfast.



Isabelle noble

Isabelle is a second-year student studying Nutrition at Langara College with hopes of becoming a future dietitian. Besides school, Isabelle can be found serving lunch on the Downtown Eastside and working at the Dirty Apron. She has a passion for making recipes her own and cooking up a storm for her friends. In her spare time, she loves to explore Vancouver – from trying new restaurants to hiking the Northshore trails. She is excited to be interning at True Nosh and making the most of the next six months. You can find her at a Wednesday night cooking class, or snacking on her favourite product – the Goji Berry Pumpkin Seed Granola. Come say hi!


alina hoosein

My name is Alina and I am a third-year student at UBC, studying Food, Nutrition, and Health. I love everything at food, all the way from the growing process to the actual consumption of it. Guilty of having a having a sweet tooth, but with all the sugarless products created by Renée, I do not have to be guilty! This passion towards food, and that of educating others about its effect on our mind and body, is what inspires me to become a dietitian. I am open to acquiring a variety of experiences, regardless of the skill set there is to absorb, so that I can build on my expertise and personal growth. I plan on utilizing this openness to indulge myself in an array of experiences with True Nosh and make the most of my time actively learning from Renée herself, and the wonderful team.