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Whether it is a birthday or another special occasion or simply just because... there is no better way to spend time with friends and family than to cook and dine together!

We can accomodate a couple wanting an intimate cooking experience to a large group of 16 looking to do something different.

Regardless of your dietary needs and your preferred menu, we can make it a night to remember for everyone!

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Cook meals with wholesome ingredients and without processed sugar! Topics include vegetarian and vegan dishes, function-specific cooking, recipe tweaks to accommodate allergies, antioxidants, and superfoods.

Our classes are taught by Renée, our Registered Dietitian and culinary enthusiast, or by guests. Sign up to learn new recipes, socialize, or even explore new languages. Many people choose our classes for terrific team bonding experiences! 

Contact your extended health care provider to see if Registered Dietitian services are covered in your plan—your cooking class with us may be covered! 

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Public Classes

Sign up at eventbrite links above —and make sure to check our cooking class policies.

Private In-person Classes

To book a class—whether in person or online—please check our cooking class policies, then email us at Please tell us your preferred date ranges and expected participant number. Additionally, check our menu options and let us know which one(s) you're interested in exploring, and we can customize the class for you.

Below are pricing details:

In-person classes

Pricing covers all ingredients (tax is not included and will be added to your invoice).

1 person:
$210 for 1 recipe ($38 for each additional recipe)

2 people: $138/p for 2 recipes ($38/p for each additional recipe)

3~5 people: $98/p for 2 recipes ($28/p for each additional recipe)

6-8 people: $88/p for 2 recipes ($18/p for each additional recipe)

9-10 people: $78/p for 2 recipes ($10/p for each additional recipe) 

11-12 people: $70/p for 2 recipes ($8/p for each additional recipe)

12+ people, please email for additional information 

Groups may request the class be taught at a participant's home for convenience. Please let us know if this applies to you, in which case we will finalize travel fees where appropriate.

Online classes

These classes are just as hands-on: We cook together through video chat—that's why we will email you the lists of ingredients and materials 48 hours before class, and send you the full recipe after class! Invite anyone to take the class with you at the same time—no matter where they are.

<4 people:
Minimum $200 per recipe ($38 flat rate for each additional recipe)

4~6 people: $50/p for 1 recipe ($38 flat rate for each additional recipe)

7~10 people: $43/p for 1 recipe ($38 flat rate for each additional recipe)

11~20 people: $30/p for 1 recipe ($38 flat rate for each additional recipe)

21~30 people: $18/p for 1 recipe ($38 flat rate for each additional recipe)

30~40 people: $12/p for 1 recipe ($38 flat rate for each additional recipe)

40+ people: Contact us for custom pricing + arrangement with your group


Renée Chan | Founder & Owner of True NOSH

Renée is a Registered Dietitian certified both in Canada and the United States. She comes from a family with complications of diabetes, heart disease, thyroid issues, and Alzheimer’s disease. She is driven to help individuals living with these and similar experiences.

After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of California, San Diego, Renée went on to pursue a Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition at New York University. It was while studying there that she first immersed herself in the restaurant industry as a waitress. She then worked as a Registered Dietitian in New York before going abroad to France to work at organic farms in transition to a residency in Hong Kong. After receiving an MBA from Camden University, she now has rooted herself in Vancouver with The True Nosh Co. with hopes to stay for good.

Renée focuses on the prevention of diseases, as well as the reversal of illnesses—especially with diabetes. She brings knowledge and experiences from Southeast Asia, France, Italy, New Zealand, New York, and California. Renée moved on from her job as a Clinical Dietitian in the concrete jungle and was engulfed in working with food: She worked in many restaurants, including those in New York City as a line cook, and spent months WWOOF-ing in the South of France. She had also been in Hong Kong to find her roots in Chinese cooking. 

Renée considers herself a Culinary Dietitian, and, with a hunger for knowledge and visions of a better and healthier world, she works to introduce True NOSH's food and beverage products to communities such that diabetes and heart disease will no longer be a threat to us or our loved ones.

Culinary Collaborators 

Annie Muljani

Annie Muljiani grandparents were originally from Gujarat in India, but she was born and grew up in East Africa and moved to Canada at the age of 9  which means the food that she loves to cook draws from a variety of regional cuisines. Much of it is naturally plant-based and gluten-free. 

For those that are interested in a cooking class, Annie Muljiani provides all the ingredients so you can relax and enjoy learning to cook together and eat together. Her aim is to teach you how to cook with love and good energy. (Watch out for what you’re thinking because in the best of recipes, love is the secret ingredient)

If you’re new to a plant based diet, and need new ideas on what to cook, owner of Galloway’s Wholesome foods - Annie M can teach you different plant based , gluten-free or dairy free meals. Annie M. uses spices and ingredients sold in her store Galloway’s Wholesome Foods®

Instagram @gallowaysfoods Facebook @gallowayswholesomefoods