Team Building

It has been tradition around the world for centuries to come together as a group to cook together.

Our Team Building classes not only brings people together, but it moves them away from the stress of deadlines and targets and moves them towards camaraderie and playfulness.

It doesn't take long to find out who is the most competitive, the most playful, and the most adventurous of the bunch.

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Team Building Class

We love team building events! 

Travel Fee if your team cannot come to our location:

  • Within Vancouver $150
  • Burnaby, New West, Coquitlam, Richmond, North Van $200. 

Choose your RECIPES OR DISHES (SEE BELOW) that you want to cook. 

We will give a nutrition education session  and teach you 1 quick recipe mainly as a demonstration:)
There are a few things that you will need to figure out before booking: 
- How many people are attending?
- When are you looking to book the event?
- What recipes and how many do you want to cook? (see below)
- What are the dietary restrictions / allergies?
- Your budget (see pricing below) 
- Will you want us to come to your work place? 

Team Building Cooking Class Pricing:

(See Lunch & Learns Pricing below)

    • 1-2 people:  $188/p for 1 recipes ($68/p for each additional recipe)
    • 3~5 people:  $138/p for 1 recipe ($58/p for each additional recipe)
    • 6-8 people:  $98/p for 1 recipe ($48/p for each additional recipe)
    • 9-10 people:  $88/p for 1 recipe ($38/p for each additional recipe) 
    • 11-12 people:  $80/p for 1 recipe ($33/p for each additional recipe)
    • 12-16 people:  $76/p for 1 recipe ($28/p for each additional recipe)
    • 16 - 20 people: $ 72/p for 1 recipe ($20/p for each additional recipe)
    • 21-22 people:  $69p for 1 recipe ($18 for each additional recipe)
    • 22 people + :  please email us for quote :) (

    Choose your dishes / recipes from below that  you want to cook !

Choose your RECIPES OR DISHES (SEE BELOW) that you want to cook. 

Please see cancellation policy here for your information. 

50% deposit is require to lock in date and time, so we are free to fill time slot if no deposit is received. The 50% remainder of the payment is due 24 hours prior to the start of the event. There will be a $100 fee to reschedule within 72 hours of the event, and canceling 1 week prior to even you will receive  and more 50% of deposit will be returned, 72 hours prior 48 hours prior to the event your deposit will be non-refundable. 

In order to book a class we are going to need a few details in advance. Here is a list of considerations to help us out:

- How many people are attending?

- How much time do you have? 
- When are you planning to attend?
- What dishes would you like to cook?
- What allergies / dietary preferences do you have?
Our cooking classes are very hands on, so be prepared to get your hands dirty! Your team will be involved in every step of the process from peeling and chopping to rolling and folding.