Our True NOSH Staff members seek out a variety of opportunities to build up the True NOSH brand to intrigue clients, customers, and local businesses - through product development, brand collaborations, serving as a location host, and donating to sponsors to reach a larger audience. The staff members also assist Renée with her nutrition consulting practice by conducting nutrition calculations, lab testing, and much more! 


iris lopez 

Iris is a current student at UBC completing her degree in Dietetics. She started at True NOSH as an intern assisting Renée with cooking classes, recipe development for the core sauces, and determining nutrition information for all products. Now, as a staff member, she helps maintain product quality by developing and updating food safety plans, collaborating with the staff team during kitchen production, and helping guide the Dietetic interns with anything from program development to blog writing. In her spare time, Iris enjoys practicing Hatha yoga, listening to wellness and education podcasts, and simply spending time with friends.


mccoy ma 

McCoy graduated from UBC with a BSc. in Food, Nutrition, and Health in June 2017. While as an undergraduate student, he became an intern at True NOSH, directing his attention to the research and development of market-ready products. Since becoming a staff member, his role includes the management and administrative side of True NOSH, liaising with stakeholders and potential collaborators to increase the NOSH network. In addition, he mentors a trio of interns whose roles include kitchen production, and recipe development. McCoy achieves a work-life balance by being an avid hockey fan and player, serving as a research assistant for nutrition in higher education, and partaking on open-road cruises as a car enthusiast.